Press Release  March 21, 2019

APF Canada Launches 2019-20 Media Fellowship Program

VANCOUVER, BC – March 21, 2019The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019-2020 Media Fellowship Program.

The APF Canada Media Fellowship Program, supported in part by Cathay Pacific Airways, offers two up-and-coming and established journalists the opportunity to spend time in Asia researching and preparing stories for Canadian audiences. The goal of the program is to help Canadian journalists become better informed about this dynamic part of the world in order to write and broadcast insightfully on Asia and the Canada-Asia relationship.

Two 2019-2020 APF Canada Media Fellows will receive a two-night stopover in Hong Kong and fly Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy Class. The Fellowships are valued at up to C$10,000 each for in-country travel/expenses and coverage of trans-Pacific travel, with the support of Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong’s award-winning airline.

“Canadian journalists bring accuracy, integrity, and a spirit of enterprise to our national discourse, and provide a vital service to the public interest,” said Michael Roberts, Communications Manager with APF Canada. “With the generous support of Cathay Pacific and funds from our Foundation’s own Grants Program, it is our goal to connect Canadian journalists with the stories and issues of the Asia Pacific so they in turn can better connect Canadians with this dynamic and important region.”


The deadline for applications is April 26, 2019


For more details on the APF Canada Media Fellowship Program and how to apply, please follow this link:


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